History of the Company

The company founders Anne and Joachim Schweda
The company founders Anne and Joachim Schweda

1985: the company Touren Service Schweda was founded in 1985 in Düsseldorf by a French woman, Anne Lecat-Schweda, and a German man, Joachim Schweda, who -still today- are the only owners and heads of the company. The dual-nationality of this family enterprise straight away predestined the sales to of tours in France. At first, winter holidays were created; then, in 1986, a first Paris sojourn followed, and finally tours.

In 1985, for the first time, the company took part in Cologne RDA, still at the “Münchner Olympiahalle” at the time.

In 1989, the company joined the very-young VPR association as first Tour Operator. Later, Joachim Schweda has been part of the Administration Board of the VPR for over 20 years 4 years of which as president from 1996 to 2000

In 1992, at the opening of Disneyland Paris, Touren Service Schweda created the first full program by coach for this new destination and later was one of the few dealers to have exclusive distribution rights to Disney tours for coach companies, a cooperation still lasting since then. 

In 1995, the company, which meanwhile included 12 colleagues, was the first German company to receive the “MITCAR Communication Award” in Paris.

In 1997, the company moved from Düsseldorf to Kehl at the French border. Being located at only some kilometers away from Strasbourg reinforced the Franco-German character of the company. At the same time, Touring Service Paris S.A.R.L. was created and received a French tourism license in order to be able to work on both sides of the border.

In 1998, the first VIP folder with extraordinary Gourmet tours and exclusive tours was created. The first of this kind regarding coach tours became an emulator in the following years and was copied many times.

Touren Service at a tourism fair in Germany in 2004
Touren Service at a tourism fair in Germany in 2004

In 1999, the output widened: Belgium and Switzerland. Touren Service Schweda became “Specialized in French-speaking countries”.

In 2006, Joachim Schweda received a “Golden Tourism Decoration”, the highest award in France regarding tourism, for all his companies. Meanwhile, Touren Service Schweda output had produced a 200-page main brochure, to which different folders like the VIP brochure and the Gourmet folder were added; the latter became an institution meanwhile. The company employed 20 colleagues and organized over 1,500 group tours per year.

In 2007, new offices were built in the harbor of Kehl. Today, 30 colleagues work in an over-400sqm office. The same year, the company STB-Reisen, specialized in hiking, biking, and cultural tours was created.

Touren Service at a tourism fair in Germany in 2013
Touren Service at a tourism fair in Germany in 2013

2008, the company entered the net of international Tour Operators, ETOA.

In 2009, Touren Service Schweda spread its output to further countries: Morocco, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

In 2010, Touren Service Schweda became the official partner of the region Alsace. Later, the volume of groups in the region tripled, crowned by the organization of the VIP workshop of 2012 VPR in Strasburg.

In 2010, the French subsidiary, Touren Service SAS was founded, and Touren Service Schweda was the only German Tour Operator to take part in the French national tourism organization “ATOUT France.”


In 2012, Touren Service Schweda became the reference agency for Upper Rhine valley regarding international “Upper Rhine Valley” programs.

Today, Touren Service Schweda, with almost 2000 tours in French-speaking countries per year, has become the reference of tours in France for German travelers. Thanks to a close partnership with French tourism organizations, national and local, promoting operations are regularly organized. Besides exhibitions in Germany, Touren Service Schweda takes part in London WTM, Vienna BTB, as well as in the different workshops of ATOUT France. Touren Service Schweda is the only German Tour Operator at “Rendez-Vous en France” exhibition (similar to DZT Incoming Workshop).