Group tours in France

Your Tailor-Made Tours in France

On the Web, in our main catalogue and in special folders, you find over 250 deals regarding tours in France. We are the only Tour Operator to offer you 3 different hotel categories straight away, for almost each product.

Should you have other special wishes regarding your tour, e.g. with more themes or extra services, our product managers may customize itineraries according to your requirement or even they may shape your new tailor-made program.

Most of our colleagues hold Tourism BTS (Tourism Associate Degree) and are regularly formed on occasion of educational tours and home training. 

Provence Tourism
near Valreas © BPELLEGRIN Muriel/ Coll CDT Vaucluse

Your Partner for any Tour, whatever it may be

Whatever your tour destination, with us, you are always attended by the same interlocutor. Each of our product managers attends his customers, attributed according to their regions of origin. 

Photo Bank and Texts for your Production

As soon as your destination and your wishes are known, as soon as your tour is booked, Touren Service France goes on attending you: our pleasure is to display our photos to your producing of selling catalogues; these -as much as texts- are downloadable from our dated bank. Do not hesitate to get in touch with your interlocutors who will gladly lead you.

Lorenzo - one of our tourguide

Production and Eductour

Touren Service France shapes your tour and trains your sellers, individually or with several people, mainly in tourism agencies, according to tours, thanks to multimedia presentations or detailed materials; for only a well-informed partner gets good results. Thus, by us, not only you buy a hotel but, besides, you receive all necessary information to well advise your customers. 


Eductour in the Pyrenees © HWolff

Eductours for your Colleagues and your Partners

One sells better what one knows. Therefore we regularly invite our customers to take part in highly valuable Eductours – often in collaboration with “Atout France” sales promotion or with local Tourism Associations.

Let yourself be tempted per year eductour for association presidents or for your tour agents! We will do our best to support you in your sales contribution and outlay.

“Home” Exhibitions and Agreements

We will gladly take part in your “home” tourism exhibitions to allow you to sign interesting agreements regarding your tours in France.

You only pay our transportation and accommodation costs; we bear other expenses. On request, we also bring wine, cheese, and other French specialties to taste. Just tell us in time.


On request, we take care of the setting of your 4-page folder for special actions.

As for the layout, printing, and home delivery of 10,000 samples, we only charge you € 390 net; we bear other expenses. Other media and quantities are possible on request.

We will also have great pleasure in helping you for all mailing actions.